Out With The Old

Almost all of the bloggers I know do a special post to mark the end of the year. I always enjoy reading them. Inevitably, it makes me reflect on our own travels, trials and triumphs.

2018 held lots of promise for us as we began our first full year of RV living and working. We knew we’d be starting in Florida, but had no way of knowing for sure December 2018 would find us back there. Hell, there were times when we were broken down, I didn’t think we’d ever make it back to Florida. But we did. We met so many wonderful people along the way. People who changed our lives, possibly without ever knowing so.

I count us a dang lucky…our adventures have been many and our trials have been relatively few, given our lifestyle.

I thought long and hard about how I was going to commemorate 2018. Usually I end up trying to pick a favorite picture from each month – a top 12, if you will. 12? Who was I kidding? We took pictures in at least 13 states, visited 15 national parks/monuments/preserves and drove through western Canada. I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to 12!

My solution was a collage made from every state we spent any real time in (and Canada will just  have to forgive my exclusion of them in this post). The following collages are in alphabetical order, not the order we visited. So without further ado, here is 2018 in review…


Alaska Collage






New Mexica




I don’t know for sure what is in store for us for the next year. We have some tentative plans and lots of hopes.

I sincerely hope 2019 brings health and happiness to you and yours! Thank you for wandering along with us.

20 thoughts on “Out With The Old”

    1. Thank you Martha. I debated labeling the states but I thought people might enjoy testing their knowledge with either the shape or the contents. I’m thinking it might be time for a “603” visit later this summer! Enjoy your special jar tonight. All the best in the New Year!


  1. This is the most clever end of the year post I’ve seen! You have to show me how you did the photo collages because they are AWESOME. I’m so happy our paths crossed in 2019–not once, but twice–one of the year’s highlights for us. I’ve enjoyed your journey and cherish your friendship. Wishing you many wonderful blessings for 2019 and know our paths will cross again as often as we can make it happen! Hugs and happy manatees! Dawn

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  2. Laura, obviously you hit a major home run with your state-themed collages. I’ve never seen this technique and it’s way cool. It addition to the shapes, the combination of photos is well planned to represent each state. Terri does all our collages and I know that it isn’t just a matter of throwing a few shots together. All the best to you and Steve for clear, smooth, open highways and Happy Trails for 2019. ~James

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  3. Very cool collages. I can see why narrowing it down to 12 photos or events would’ve been impossible with all the adventure you had. Are you headed back to Alaska for the summer?


  4. What a creative way to bring the year to a close! I’ve never seen this done anywhere else and I love it! You have had quite the year and I very much look forward to seeing what 2019 brings your way.

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  5. I love this idea! I’ve been reading different posts on 2018 reviews, looking for inspiration. Can I ask how you did this & can I use it…..giving full credit to your site!!!! Looking forward to following!


    1. Thank you Debbie. To be completely honest, I used a site called collage.com I made each one as a poster then took a screenshot of it. I’m not sure the website would appreciate my using it that way since it is a place to order their products, but I didn’t see anything prohibiting it. I am working on other ways to do it. I will write a post if I ever get it completely figured out. Looking forward to having you along.

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