Something Old – Something New

For the first time since we started workamping, we returned to a job/location we had been at previously. We love selling Christmas trees and to be frank, the money can’t be beat. That was the something old. The something new was we would be heading almost directly to a new job of selling new years fireworks for TNT. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

We left Crystal River and headed to Parkland for Christmas tree sales on the 13th of Nov. Our first load of trees arrived on Nov. 18th…


Once unloaded, we trim them and stand them up inside our tent. Trimming the trees does two things, it makes them look nicer and provides us with trimmings to make wreaths.  I continued being “crafty“, I made a south Florida flamingo wreath and I flocked several wreaths…


I called our selection of snowmen and reindeer our “adoption center.” I mean, who doesn’t want to adopt one of these cuties?


I made a walk through our tent video to share with you. It gives you an idea of how we spent our 37 days…

Thanksgiving was a blur. Our boss’ family makes an incredible dinner and they share huge plates with us. The selling season begins in earnest the day after Thanksgiving. It is a non-stop customer barrage which leaves us tired, but excited. This year, I had the pleasure of helping a new tent manager learn the ropes. You don’t always realize how much you’ve learned about something until you start sharing that knowledge with someone new. The bonus of helping was making new friends! Like us, they are already marking the calendar for next season.

Unlike last year, we didn’t take a week to unwind when the season finished on Dec. 23rd. We made a quick trip back to Crystal River, had a lovely, quiet Christmas day with Daddy, then set off on our next job. It was literally 2 towns over, in Inverness. Why the rush you ask? Well, our new gig started Dec. 26th.

Once our delivery was received, Steve and I muddled our way through setting up the tent. TNT gives you lots of information, diagrams and pictures, but in the end, you pretty much do it your way…


Our tree boss calls it FITFO – Figure It The F*@# Out. A motto we have adopted as our own! And we FITFO’d fireworks!!!


Waldo tolerated it’s stay in the Walmart parking lot quite well. It was nice to always be able to see it…


I wasn’t too sure how it was going to work out for us financially. Sales were pretty sporadic Sat-Mon. Since we work on commission, I was concerned.

I donned my party hat and hoped for the best…


But, let me tell you, starting new years eve morning, it was chaos. There were times I had customers 10 deep waiting to check out! By mid-afternoon, tables were getting bare and by dark, we were almost completely sold out…


Exhausted, we closed and tallied up. Despite a few wrinkles, it was a success. All that was left on New Years day was repacking the small amount of inventory we had and returning it to the warehouse…


Gee – that’s exactly how it looked when we arrived on the 26th.

After talking it over, we have decided to give up working in RV parks. The major drawback for me is the length of commitment. I don’t want to be somewhere for 4-5 months. I want to travel. We HAVE to work. We will sell trees at Christmas and fireworks for New Years and July 4th. We have already committed to an RV park for this summer, but it will be the last one. We are pretty excited about the impending changes. While we will always go back to Parkland for trees, TNT sells fireworks all over the US. I’m hoping to be able to spend copious amounts of time getting reacquainted with my camera and kayak! We will finally be able to “Sleep Around” more!


Wishing you all the very best in 2020.

Up Next – Waldo gets a renovation!

7 thoughts on “Something Old – Something New”

  1. I’ve been following two RVers who worked Christmas tree lots this season, and both loved the experience and made great money. Totally makes sense to do that rather than get bogged down in one location for so long. Especially because I don’t think the return on investment is nearly as good at the RV parks. Are there other RVer friendly jobs like this? Ones where you do a couple weeks of intense work and then you move on?

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    1. There is selling fireworks for New Years and also the beet harvest. Not so sure about the harvest, Minnesota or N Dakota in Sept/Oct sounds cold to me and the work is all outside. Who else did trees? I’d love to read their take on it.


  2. I think it is fabulous that you are finding what works best for you. I can almost feel the relief at not being tied down for long periods. I am certain your kayak is wiggling in excitement and your camera clicking in anticipation. You two are inspirations!

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  3. I’m glad you will be able to travel more in the future. I’ve been pretty still since last September, and enjoying “home” (rental house) and work (at a major outdoor retailer) but my feet are starting to get itchy. Hopefully if we take some serious precautions we will be able to do a little traveling this fall.

    Where are you guys riding out the “stay at home” order? And are you still working the RV park this summer? I hope all is well. Stay safe & healthy!

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    1. After much discussion, we canceled our summer job in NH. We are going to sell fireworks in FL for the 4th (assuming it is safe) instead. We are staying at my dad’s but itching to travel. I think a bit of “down time” has made all of us with wanderlust realize how much we truly love it. Safe safe and healthy. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere

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