For The Love of Green

It was mid-May when we arrived in Wisconsin, many of the trees had yet to begin their spring transformation. Things were brown and did nothing to liven my spirit. As you probably remember, we had just driven up from Georgia where spring was in full effect…

Okefenokee NWR-1923

There is something about the color green, while it is not my favorite color (which is blue) I find it calming and serene. To me, it signifies growth and freshness. You can have a green thumb or head to greener pastures. You can be green with envy or green around the gills. Your wallet can be stuffed with greenbacks. I found several interesting articles about the color green and what it signifies. I thought Kate Smith’s article said it best.

Spring finally got it’s foot in the door and the landscape began to change. Bright green leaves emerged and drowned out the drab browns of winter. Fresh plowed earth began to erupt in tender new shoots. Now that summer has taken hold, I’ve noticed something I don’t think I ever paid attention to before. If you Google “How many shades of green are there?” The bottom lines seems to be – millions, and, Wisconsin has them all. I have never noticed so many subtle hues and shades. So, without any more unnecessary words, to the color green…


What does green mean to you?




18 thoughts on “For The Love of Green”

  1. Love this post! For me, green means life and growth. It means home. Whenever we took the RV on long trips out west, I missed the green grass and green trees. I remember how happy I was to see the tall green trees of the Ozarks on our way home one year.

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  2. I’ve vowed never again to live anywhere that doesn’t have distinct seasons. I think the season of green is that much more dazzling when you have waited through the gray and white seasons to get there! Great Post!!

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  3. Wow, what a glorious place to see springing back to life after winter! We had a particularly beautiful green spring this year in the south. (You know, as you were in Georgia). During our travels, I was lucky to have seen experienced spring in Tennessee, Arkansas, even Florida, plus along the road in between.

    I’ve been longing to move west, but I know that our Eastern greening in the spring in one of the things I would miss the most. It truly stirs the soul and reminds me that life is beautiful, and no matter what befalls us personally…life goes on…

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  4. Beautiful photos, Laura! Green is renewing and comforting. My office in our sticks and bricks was a calming sage green, one of my favorite colors. Growing up on a farm, green meant sustenance for the year ahead as food was growing in the garden. You’ve captured lovely varying shades of green which will turn into the colors of fall before we know it. I love this post! Happy manatee hugs!

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  5. As much as I love the west and it’s dry climate, I do very much miss the deep greens of the eastern U.S. when we’re out there. Hiking through a lush forest is comforting to me, and nothing beats sitting on a nice green lawn under a shady tree on a warm day. You’ve definitely got lots of beautiful greenery to enjoy up in Wisconsin this year!

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  6. Each spring, after 6 or 7 months of snow followed by drab dull I still squeal at the first sign of green in spring. It never ceases to amaze me that our landscape can be frozen solid and buried under immense amounts of snow and then miraculously burst forth with green life.

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  7. Hi Laura, I love the green!
    For the past couple of weeks we’ve been writing about how we’re simplifying our life – and we invited you to share your thoughts on the subject. The response was wonderful! Thanks so much.

    We loved reading your real-life experiences and have included them in our next post with a shout out to you and link to your blog. It will be published next Monday, July 29.

    Thanks again. You made our day!
    Terri & James @

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