27 thoughts on “A Camel’s Tale”

  1. Oh my! I was laughing sooooo hard. You did an exceptional job with this. I want to go. The bison—you fed a bison! This looks absolutely amazing. I want to go, but it’s too far from Austin for a day trip. Definitely going to do this at some point. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This was too funny. Really enjoyed your humor and the accompanying photos. If you ever want to have a full on camel experience, consider going to the annual camel fair in Pushkar, India. If you want a sneak peek, here’s a link to Pushkar, the place where it all happens and this is the post we shared with Gallivance blog:


    For more photos of the actual camel fair, see this post:


    All the best
    Peta and Ben

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