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Here are a few of the things we have found which makes our life either easier or more productive:


Our Rand McNally GPS has been a lifesaver. It allows us to input all of Waldo’s specifications. Why is that important you ask? For one thing, Waldo is 12′ 6″ tall. It will never route us down a road with an 11′ bridge!

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com rand mcnally rdy0528018493 rvnd 7 gps device with free lifetime maps automotive

Water and Sewer

No matter where our water is coming from, we use the Camco TastePURE filter. Whether it is filtering chlorine from city water or minerals from well water, our water always tastes great. Also, I never have to worry about what might be growing in our fresh water tank after we haven’t used it for a while.

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com camco tastepure water filter with flexible hose protector greatly reduces bad taste, odors[...]

Dumping your grey and black tanks is a job nobody enjoys. We upgraded to the Camco RhinoEXTREME.

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com camco rhinoextreme 20ft rv sewer hose kit, includes swivel fitting and translucent elbow w[...]

And to help control grey/black tank odors, we always use Camco TST Drop-ins.  No measuring!

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com camco tst ultra-concentrated fresh scent rv toilet treatment drop-ins, formaldehyde free, [...]

Store all of your hoses and cords in the waterproof RV storage bags made by Human Friendly.

The Solution


Despite the fact I had “tilted” our awning, we awoke one morning to a disaster! An extremely heavy rain had moved in overnight. The rain pooled in our awning and caused the roller-tube to collapse. It was an expensive lesson! Now, whenever we put out our awning, we add 2 things – a set of Awnbrella ribs and Camco awing de-flappers!

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com lippert components 362237 8' solera awnbrella, 3 pack automotivescreenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com camco 42251 awning de-flapper max,pack of 2 automotive


Some RVs have a residential size fridge, but that is not the case for Waldo. We wanted to have more fridge and freezer space so we ordered a Dometic Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator/Freezer. While it does take up an entire bay in our underneath storage, we couldn’t live without it. Not only can it be powered with shore power, but it will also run off the batteries.

screenshot_2019-01-04 amazon com dometic cfx-95dzus dual zone portable electric refrigerator freezer 90 quarts automotive

These are only a few of our favorites. I will add any “must have” items as we discover them. Please consider using our Amazon Affiliate link for all your shopping needs.

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